Is it true that power compensator can help to reduce electricity bill?

The use of electrical energy consumption saving devices for households is still controversial for this day. There are some people who say that power saving devices are only duping the public and not effective, but claims about the benefits and effectiveness of that device were also great, especially the claim that being spread by the parties concerned and those who got profit from the sale of this tool. Generally, the seller gives the lure that the tool can save electricity 10 to 40 percent best ways to lower electric bill. Even given the assurance of goods will be replaced by new one if no changes in electricity bills in one year. Inevitably, it becomes a magnet for the public on how to reduce energy bill.

Actually, the way the tool works is fairly simple.Theory says that a power compensator is needed to reduce electrical energy consumption. This compensator will reduce the supply voltage to the load or works as a voltage regulator, which means reducing the power supply to the load. Now, with automatically reduce power supply it also reduces the energy used compared to a normal state.

There are two types of power compensator which are sold in the market, there is compensator installed in parallel with the load and the compensator is installed in series with the load. From the two types of power compensator,power compensator in parallel are the most sell in the market. The ratio between the amount of power compensator in parallel and power compensator in series is approximately 9: 1.

Next is up to you, whether you will use the power saving devices, or you will only reduce electricity use by ordinary ways. The most important thing is you need to reduce your electricity use because by doing that you can save our Earth and also save your pocket from over budget electricity bill.

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