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Type of Drugs, the effect and the dangerous caused

What is a drug? Drugs are chemicals that can change the state of psychological feelings, thoughts, moods and behaviour if it enters the human body, whether it be eaten, drunk, inhaled, injected, and so on. If you want to be free from drugs, do the drugs detox San Diego, visit our website to build ideal condition for yourself.

Drugs are classified into three, there are:
– Narcotics: To lose consciousness or sense
– Schedule: psychic influence from the selective influence of the central nervous system of the brain.
– Drug or other hazardous substances

The type of drug and its aftermath:
1. Opiates or opium
A class of natural drugs that are often used by inhalation.
The resulting effects:
– Creates a sense of busyness (rushing sensation)
– Potential spirit
– Feeling sluggish running time
– Dizziness, loss of balance / drunk
– Feeling lust increased stimulation (sexual inhibitions disappear)
– Incurred problem skin around the nose and mouth

2. Morphine
An active substance derived from opium through chemical processing. Generally, 10% of opium contains morphine. It used by an injection under the skin, into a muscle or vein (intravenously)
The resulting effects:
– Potentially euphoria
– Nausea, vomiting, constipation
– Confusion
– Sweating
– May cause fainting / palpitations
– Restlessness and mood changes
– Dry mouth and face changing colour

3. Marijuana
Derived from the plant cannabis Sativa and cannabis indicia. This plant contained three main substance which is tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabinol and cannabidiol. How to use it is by compacted it like a cigarette or use a smoking pipe to inhale it.
The resulting effects:
– Heart rate / pulse faster
– Dry mouth and throat
– Feeling more relaxed, talkative and happy
– It’s hard to remember an event
– Not being able to concentrate
– Sometimes becoming aggressive / rude
– Sensitive, restless
– Fantasize
– Increased appetite
– If the use is stopped can cause a headache, prolonged nausea, fatigue
– Impaired sleep habits