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The B1 English Test for Citizenship by Naturalization in the United Kingdom

B1 English test Citizenship – or, in some places, it could also be called as nationality – is a status of a person which is recognized under the costume or the law of a country as one of its legal members. Therefore, it can be found that there are some people who have multiple citizenships and some who do not even have a single one at all, who will be said to be stateless. To be a citizen of a country, there are some factors to determine and they are actually different in one country to another. Below, then, will be a little discussion about one of the factors.

Naturalization is included in the line of factors which determine a citizenship of a person because It is actually also a method for someone to change his or her citizenship. However, this particular method cannot be used just by anyone. It is only for a person who has been settling legally in the country of which he or she wishes to become a citizen for a specified period of time or anyone to whom the government of the country has granted a permit to stay and the right to acclaim a new citizenship in the country.

To be able to obtain the chance to use this specific method, in some countries, the person needs to be subject to several conditions, including being able to pass the test assigned by the government. In this case, the UK is included as one of those countries. The UK government, since six years ago, has changed some rules applied for all migrants of the country, including supposing them to be able to speak English. There are several levels of the ability in English and the migrants have to pass at least the B1 level. Therefore, everyone granted with the chance for naturalisation has to take the B1 English test and pass the exam.