Definition of Plumbing Equipment

The term plumbing tool used for all equipment installed inside or outside the building to provide hot water or cold water and removing wastewater. Our Plumber Columbia SC absolutely can help your plumbing problem, call us now!

More significant, plumbing tool is equipment installed at:

1. The end of the pipe that serves to enter the water.
2. The initial tip that use to enter the water pipe.

Plumbing equipment made of materials that meet the following requirements:
1. Does not absorb water / absorbs very little water.
2. Easy to clean.
3. No rusty and not easy to wear.
4. Relatively easy.
5. Plumbing tool easily installed.

Typically, the materials used are porcelain, iron or steel coated email, various types of plastic and stainless steel. To the plumbing tools that are not or rarely hit the water there is also the use of wood as a material. Plumbing tools are relatively expensive and lavish use of high-quality marble. While other materials are currently widely used mainly for making bathtub is a dimer reinforced polyester resin with woven glass fibre.

Plumbing Hardware Functions
The function of the plumbing equipment, among others:
1. To provide clean water to the desired places fairly.
2. Throw away the dirty water from certain places without pollution to other parts

Types of Plumbing Hardware
Plumbing equipment can distinguish by its function:
– Plumbing Equipment in terms of lodging:
a. Equipment for water supply / water
b. Equipment for hot water supply
c. Equipment for disposal and vent
d. Sanitary equipment (plumbing fixtures)

– Plumbing Equipment in a broader sense:
a. Equipment for fire-fighting
b. Equipment to manage the dirty water
c. Gas supply equipment
d. Kitchen equipment
e. Equipment for washing (laundry)
f. Waste management equipment
g. Various other installations

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